The Utah Division of Wildlife Resources is seeking information about a man suspected of poaching a bull moose in Rich County with this arrow.

GARDEN CITY, Rich County — Conservation officers are seeking information about a man who they say shot a bull moose and left it to die.

The moose was shot on Sept. 27 near the intersection of S Serviceberry and S Snowberry, outside of Garden City, according to a release from the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources.

A witness said a man dressed in camouflage used a traditional bow and arrow, shooting the moose at least twice. The arrows are made of cedar with white and yellow fletchings. Officers are asking anyone who recognizes the identifying marks that have been burned into the arrows' shafts to contact them.

Anyone with information about the man can call the Turn-in-a-Poacher Hotline at 1-800-662-3337. A reward has been set for information leading to successful prosecution. 

McKenzie Romero

Twitter: @McKenzieRomero