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"Exploring the First Vision" is edited by Samuel Alonzo Doges and Steven C. Harper.

Editor's note: Mormon Times is highlighting several new books on the Doctrine and Covenants, which is the focus of the Sunday School curriculum for 2013.

"EXPLORING THE FIRST VISION," edited by Samuel Alonzo Dodge and Steven C. Harper, Deseret Book and BYU Religious Studies Center, $25.99, 338 pages (nf)

"Exploring the First Vision" is packed full of commentary on the sacred event that started The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Beginning with accounts written by Joseph Smith himself, this book enhances understanding of the things that took place in the Sacred Grove. Although combined by Samuel Alonzo Dodge and Steven C. Harper, the book contains several authors who discuss all angles of the event.

Harper describes the book in his preface as a volume that contains some of the most influential articles about Joseph Smith's First Vision.

"The past of First Vision scholarship is indispensable to the present," Harper said. "Those of us who study the First Vision today depend very much on the works of the scholars that are reprinted in this volume."

More recently released books about the Doctrine and Covenants

"How We Got the Book of Mormon" by Richard E. Turley Jr. and William M. Slaughter

"The Essential Doctrine and Covenants Companion"by Mary Jane Woodger

"Doctrine and Covenants Reference Companion" by Dennis Largey, general editor, and Larry E. Dahl, senior editor

"400 Questions about the Doctrine and Covenants" by Susan Easton Black

"Dews of Heaven: Answers to Life's Questions from the Doctrine and Covenants" by Breck England

"The Savior in Kirtland" by Karl Ricks Anderson

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"Little-Know Stories about the Doctrine and Covenants" by Dan Baker

"You Shall Have My Word: Exploring the Text of the Doctrine & Covenants: the 41st Annual Brigham Young University Sidney Symposium"

"Doctrine and Covenants Encyclopedia: Revised Edition," by Hoyt W. Brewster Jr.

"Joseph Smith's First Vision: A Guide to the Historical Account" by Steven C. Harper

Books about President Lorenzo Snow

"Latter Leaves in the Life of Lorenzo Snow," by Dennis B. Horne

"The Ready Resource of Relief Society: Teachings of President of the Church Lorenzo Snow" by Trina Boice

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