SANTAQUIN, Utah County — A man died Sunday in an RV fire believed to be caused by a turkey fryer.

Santaquin Police Chief Dennis Howard said he was called to the fire near 420 W. Main just before 3 a.m. Once the fire was put out, it was determined there was a body inside.

Police say they believe Tim Davis, 43, died in the fire but won't know for sure until DNA testing on the body is complete. Howard said it was determined the fire was started by the burner portion of a deep fryer large enough for a turkey.

"The base of it was being used for heat," Howard said. "It lit the floor on fire. … It prevented his ability to escape."

The cause of death was smoke inhalation.

"We believe that he was asleep or at least resting when the fire started and was unaware that it was going on until it was too late to get out," Howard said.

The RV belonged to Davis' aunt, but "no one know he was staying in it," Howard said. It had been stored for the winter and its doors screwed shut. It is believed Davis forced his way in, police said.

Emiley Morgan

Twitter: DNewsCrimeTeam