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Last week former Detroit Lions lineman Lomas Brown admitted that during a game in 1994 he intentionally let a defender beat him in hope that quarterback Scott Mitchell would be injured and forced to leave the game.

During the game, Mitchell was 5-for-15 for 63 yards and two interceptions when Green Bay Packers defensive end Sean Jones sacked him, breaking Mitchell's wrist.

Mitchell, former quarterback for the University of Utah, was upset by Brown's comments.

"I was floored by that revelation," Mitchell told USA Today. "I had Lomas in my home. I fed him dinner. I gave him and other offensive linemen gifts. I'm dumbfounded that he would do such a thing. I mean, people get hurt playing this game. People have died playing football, and for him to allow someone to take a shot at a teammate, that's crazy."

Brown told ESPN radio that he was frustrated by Mitchell'e performance that day and now regrets allowing the hit. He said he intends to reach out to Mitchell to discuss what happened.

"I would never do that to a teammate," Mitchell said. "That's a blatant disrespect for the game. Players at that level play hard every play. If Lomas doesn't think this is serious, if he thinks this is a joke, tell him to think about Mike Utley, his old teammate. Mike Utley spends his days in a wheelchair because of an injury he got playing this game."

This is not the first time Brown has been critical of his former quarterback. In November Brown called out Mitchell on his lack of effort after throwing an interception.

"I played with a guy named Scott Mitchell, 6-5, 250 pounds," Brown said. "And when he threw an interception, fetal position. ... And as a lineman, you throw it, I want you to come help me get this guy. Don't just lay in the fetal position and expect me to get it."

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