CASTLE DALE — A Montana man was rescued from the Three Canyons area of the Green River in good condition Thursday.

Blake Miller, of Missoula, Mont., was attempting to raft down the river from Green River State Park to Hite Marina at Lake Powell, police said. Miller had adequate food, clothing and supplies to stay on the river until Jan. 10, but became stranded when the river froze.

Miller had been checking in with his father each morning and night since he set out on Dec. 16 using a DeLorme inReach GPS tracker. Miller's father contacted the Emery County Sheriff's Office on Thursday, reporting his son had been checking in at the same location for a week.

A sheriff's deputy responded to the Three Canyons area and made contact with Miller, who indicated he was in good physical condition but was in an area where he couldn't hike out.

A Utah Highway Patrol helicopter was called in to retrieve Miller and fly him to the Green River Airport, where he was picked up and taken back to his vehicle.

McKenzie Romero

Twitter: @McKenzieRomero