The Utah Amateur Wrestling Foundation has released the names of the participants in the 13th Annual All-Star Dual.

The event pits Utah's best wrestlers on four teams based on classification. Class 5A, 4A and 3A will each have a team of wrestlers, while 2A and 1A will have a combined team.

The dual takes place Tuesday, Jan. 8 at UVU's UCCU Event Center.

The event will have a slighlty different wrinkle with three headliner matchups instead of two, and two of these matches will actually feature wrestlers from the same classification going against each other.

"There seemed to be a lot of interest in seeing some specific matchups by the wrestling community," said UAWF selection committee member Brian Preece. "The All-Star dual has always had a team component but we felt there was enough individual talent in the weight classes in the classifications in which the wrestlers were pulled to give Utah wrestling fans the best of both worlds — a great team event between the classifications as in past years but also have some amazing matchups between some of our state's best wrestlers."

One of these headliner matches features Maple Mountain's Grant LaMont vs. Box Elder's Rasten Yeates. Both are two-time defending state champions. LaMont has wrestled at 152 and Yeates at 160 this season, but LaMont has agreed to bump up a weight to meet Yeates in the final match of the night. LaMont and and Yeates are ranked No. 1 and No. 2 respectively in the Utah USA Wrestling rankings.

In the opening match of the night Payson's Jed Mellen and Spanish Fork's Branson Ashworth will tangle. Mellen is seeking his third state title and recently won the Reno Tournament of Champions. He's ranked No. 4 in the Utah USA Wrestling rankings. Ashworth is a defending state champion ranked No. 8 in the same rankings. Both have wrestled 138 pounds this season, though Mellen competed at 132 in the Reno event. Both Payson and Spanish Fork have won state championships in the past decade.

The other feature match has Cedar's Dusty Hone taking on Alta's Matt Findlay in a bout at 126 pounds. Since both are from different classifications, this match between two extremely gifted wrestlers will count in the team standings. Hone has won two state titles and is ranked No. 3 while Findlay is ranked No. 7 and is a two-time returning state champ for the Hawks.

As in past years there will be 28 matches counting in the team standings as well as some additional "wildcard" matches. The action will take place on three mats with the exception of the feature matches that will take place as stand-alone contests.

The 3A team won this meet last year breaking a three-year winning streak by the 5A squad.

Listed below are the all-star wrestlers, with alternate team members listed second:

Class 5A

106 pounds: Ben Anderson (Pleasant Grove), Taylor Porath (Viewmont)

113 pounds: Brock George (Syracuse), Kyson Levin (Pleasant Grove)*

120 pounds: Andrew Astle (Layton), Tanner Luke (Viewmont)

126 pounds: Matt Findlay (Alta)**, Antonio Meikel (Kearns)*

132 pounds: Bronson Young (Pleasant Grove), Zach Colangelo (West)

138 pounds: Zane Rich (Syracuse), Josh Anderson (Pleasant Grove)

145 pounds: Ken Astle (Layton), Bridger Cutler (Pleasant Grove)*

152 pounds: Will Kilpack (Alta), Will Chavez (West)

160 pounds: Colton Marshall (Layton), Hunter Riggs (Weber)

170 pounds: Will Lang (West), Zach Huntsman (Weber)

182 pounds: Devon Childress (Weber), Clay Moss (Jordan)*

195 pounds: Colton Grossaint (Kearns), Nick Heninger (Bingham)*

220 pounds: Brandon Dennison (Pleasant Grove), Roy Nash (Taylorsville)*

285 pounds: Zach Dawe (Pleasant Grove), Mike Grace (Pleasant Grove)

* involved in wildcard match

** involved in feature match

Class 4A

106 pounds: Logan Swallow (Clearfield), Hayden Butler (Westlake)

113 pounds: Taylor LaMont (Maple Mountain), Chandler Strand (Herriman)*

120 pounds: Britain Carter (Maple Mountain), Eric Hansen (Sky View)

126 pounds: Brady Dart (Mountain Crest); Trent Kelly (Maple Mountain)

132 pounds: Shand Hardy (Box Elder), Justin Horsley (Bountiful)

138 pounds: Landon Knutzen (Maple Mountain), Rayden Lindley (Mountain Crest)

145 pounds: Jesse Carlisle (Maple Mountain), McKay Parrish (Box Elder)

152 pounds: Jacob Armstrong (Salem Hills), Matt Williams (Box Elder)

160 pounds: Kimball Bastian (Maple Mountain), Weston Taylor (Maple Mountain)

170 pounds: Nick Sorenson (Box Elder), Kieffer Taylor (Maple Mountain)

182 pounds: Josh Searle (Maple Mountain), Jake Tolman (Box Elder)*

195 pounds: Jon Wixom (Maple Mountain), Breckin Gunter (Box Elder)*

220 pounds: Joe Flores (Box Elder), Micah Ngatuvai (Mountain View)*

285 pounds: Dallas Howard (Murray), Jacoby Wildman (Logan)

* involved in wildcard match

Note: Grant LaMont (Maple Mountain) will wrestle Rasten Yeates (Box Elder) in a feature match at 160 pounds. This match will not count in the team standings.

Class 3A

106 pounds: James Wright (Spanish Fork), Josh Jensen (Payson)

113 pounds: Cobe Berrett (Desert Hills), Jose Garcia (Delta)

120 pounds: Joe Mondragon (Desert Hills), Brady Haramoto (Bear River)

126 pounds: Dusty Hone (Cedar)**, Dominic Kunder (Bear River)*

132 pounds: Garrett Sweat (Wasatch), Beau Blackham (Uintah)

138 pounds: Colton Havens (Uintah), Trace Willoughby (Delta)

145 pounds: Kolby Lloyd (Cedar), Dalton Harmon (Juab)*

152 pounds: Zach Prince (Hurricane), Devan Webb (Desert Hills)

160 pounds: Kaelen Loveless (Payson), Spencer Heywood (Wasatch)

170 pounds: Steven Welsh (Union), Seth Manning (Tooele)

182 pounds: Zach Coffman (Tooele), Tag Baxter (Wasatch)

195 pounds: Cameron Williamson (Cedar), Devan Judd (Payson)

220 pounds: Daniel Bulloch (Hurricane), Derek Johnson (Payson)

285 pounds: Cole Mair (Uintah), Wes Kauvaka (Pine View)

* involved in wildcard match

Note: Jed Mellen (Payson) will wrestle Branson Ashworth (Spanish Fork) in a feature match at 138 pounds. This match will not count in the team standings.

Class 1A/2A

106 pounds: Kyle Evans (Beaver), Tim White (Millard)

113 pounds: Brady Farnsworth (Altamont), Matt Lee (South Summit)

120 pounds: Nick Sorensen (Millard), Hunter Bowring (Monticello)

126 pounds: Kameron Fowles (Manti), Brian Robinson (Monticello)

132 pounds: Chase Kelly (Millard), Zack Allen (Piute)

138 pounds: Brandon Musselman (Monticello), Kevin Hill (North Sevier)

145 pounds: Cole Eldredge (Monticello), Chance Goodrich (Altamont)

152 pounds: Brenden Sorenson (North Sevier), Trenton White (Grand)

160 pounds: Rylee Foy (Altamont), Bryan Batty (Wayne)

170 pounds: Kyle Foy (Altamont), Travis Gillman (Beaver)

182 pounds: Don Fullmer (Millard), Gordon Whitaker (Millard)

195 pounds: Jadon Ross (Richfield), Austin Wilcox (Monticello)

220 pounds: Jeremy Aleman (Millard), Jesse Durrant (North Sevier)

285 pounds: Cassidy Smith (Altamont), Bo Owen (North Sevier)

Individual Matchups

Grant LaMont (Maple Mountain) vs. Rasten Yeates (Box Elder)***

Jed Mellen (Payson) vs. Branson Ashworth (Spanish Fork)***

106 pounds:

James Wright (Spanish Fork-3A) vs. Ben Anderson (Pleasant Grove-5A)

Kyle Evans (Beaver-1A/2A) vs. Logan Swallow (Clearfield-4A)

113 pounds:

Brady Farnsworth (Altamont-1A/2A) vs. Taylor LaMont (Maple Mountain-4A)

Cobe Berrett (Canyon View-3A) vs. Brock George (Syracuse-5A)

120 pounds:

Joe Mondragon (Desert Hills-3A) vs. Britain Carter (Maple Mountain-4A)

Nick Sorensen (Millard-1A/2A) vs. Andrew Astle (Layton-5A)

126 pounds:

Dusty Hone (Cedar-3A) vs. Matt Findlay (Alta-5A)**

Kameron Fowles (Manti-1A/2A) vs. Brady Dart (Mountain Crest-4A)

132 pounds:

Garrett Sweat (Wasatch-3A) vs. Bronson Young (Pleasant Grove-5A)

Chase Kelly (Millard-1A/2A) vs. Shand Hardy (Box Elder-4A)

138 pounds:

Landon Knutzen (Maple Mountain-4A) vs. Zane Rich (Syracuse-5A)

Brandon Musselman (Monticello-1A/2A) vs. Colton Havens (Uintah-3A)

145 pounds:

Cole Eldredge (Monticello-1A/2A) vs. Kolby Lloyd (Cedar-3A)

Jesse Carlisle (Maple Mountain-4A) vs. Ken Astle (Layton-5A)

152 pounds:

Zach Prince (Hurricane-3A) vs. Jacob Armstrong (Salem Hills-4A)

Brenden Sorenson (North Sevier-1A/2A) vs. Will Kilpack (Alta-5A)

160 pounds:

Kimball Bastian (Maple Mountain-4A) vs. Colton Marshalll (Layton-5A)

Rylee Foy (Altamont-1A/2A) vs. Kaelen Loveless (Payson-3A)

170 pounds:

StevenWelsh (Union-3A) vs. Will Lang (West-5A)

Kyle Foy (Altamont-1A/2A) vs. Nick Sorenson (Box Elder-4A)

182 pounds:

Zach Coffman (Tooele-3A) vs. Josh Searle (Maple Mountain-4A)

Don Fullmer (Millard-1A/2A) vs. Devon Childress (Weber-5A)

195 pounds:

Jon Wixom (Maple Mountain-4A) vs. Colton Grossaint (Kearns-5A)

Jadon Ross (Richfield-1A/2A) vs. Camerson Willamson (Cedar-3A)

220 pounds:

Joe Flores (Box Elder-4A) vs. Brandon Dennison (Pleasant Grove-5A)

Jeremy Aleman (Millard-1A/2A) vs. Daniel Bulloch (Hurricane-3A)

285 pounds:

Dallas Howard (Murray-4A) vs. Zach Dawe (Pleasant Grove-5A)

Cassidy Smith (Altamont-1A/2A) vs. Cole Mair (Uintah-3A)

Wildcard Matches (non-team scoring matches):

113 pounds: Chandler Strand (Herriman) vs. Kyson Levin (Pleasant Grove)

126 pounds: Dominic Kunder (Bear River) vs. Antonio Meikel (Kearns)

145 pounds: Dalton Harmon (Juab) vs. Bridger Cutler (Pleasant Grove)

182 pounds: Jake Tolman (Box Elder) vs. Clay Moss (Jordan)

195 pounds: Breckin Gunter (Box Elder) vs. Nick Heninger (Bingham)

220 pounds: Micah Ngatuvai (Mountain View) vs. Roy Nash (Taylorsville)

** Feature match that will count in the team standings

*** Feature match that will NOT count in the team standings because the two wrestlers involved are from the same classification

Press release provided by Brian E. Preece a member of the UAWF All-Star Dual selection committee.