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Hi Angela!

I've been casually dating this guy for a couple weeks — nothing serious, but I do really like him. Recently, he hinted that he would like me to buy him this pretty expensive watch as a Christmas gift. I wasn't planning on getting him a gift — we've only known each other for a little while, and I'm on a super tight budget this Christmas.

This also worries me that he's going to get me something equally expensive that I can't match and won't want. I like this guy. I don't want to jeopardize our budding relationship by committing a Christmastime faux pas. What should I do?

— Broke

Dear Broke,

Don't worry about jeopardizing the relationship. Best-case scenario, he wasn't thinking and would be horrified to realize he's put you in such an awkward spot. Worst-case? He's tacky, and somehow forgot that you're his semi-girlfriend and not Santa Claus.

Play it cool. Tell him the watch sounds/looks awesome but you already had something in mind that the both of you can enjoy. Then plan a fun date where you do Christmas-specific activities together (i.e., make gingerbread houses, play in the snow, watch those never-heard-of holiday movies that are on Netflix, etc.).

That way, you can show him that he's special to you (or at least becoming special to you) without breaking your bank.

In the event that he's all bent out of shape because you didn't deliver in the watch department, tell him the request was inappropriate, wish him a Merry Christmas and send him on his way. Because not only is that bad form, he's totally missing the point of the holiday season.



P.S. Help our friend out. What are some inexpensive date ideas that she could use to help this guy feel special around the holidays?

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