Hugh Jackman as Jean Valjean in "Les MisÉrables."

Violence: Some of this story takes place during a rebellion and there are guns fired and swords used. There is also some abuse portrayed by aristocracy. Some characters are treated roughly by police and superiors. Blood is minimal and only used for effect after the fact.

Sensuality: Ladies of the night play a role in certain portions of this movie. Some are flaunting to attract customers. One is shown with a man in bed. Many women are wearing low-cut clothing but there is no nudity in the film.

Language: If you know the lyrics to the music of “Les Misérables,” then you know the language that is used. For those who do not, there are a few words that could be expected in any PG film. Some describe women in bad taste while others are expletives used in anger.

For those who do not know, this story portrays some seedy people and they are not nice about what they want. The same music used in the stage version is used for the film. The film provides much more emotion for each of the characters and had people in the theater crying audibly. There are some deaths that are not pleasant to witness. It would be good to keep to the PG-13 rating for a recommendation.

Shawn O'Neill is the Family Man Movie Reviewer.