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You've heard money can't buy happiness, but it actually could be wrong.

A recent study, presented in a YouTube video by AsapSCIENCE, showed that how we spend money affects our happiness.

The video, which has been viewed almost 49,000 times, teaches that giving money scientifically does create happiness. The magic of Christmas can be in-part produced as these happy feelings of giving are made.

An article by The Grindstone suggests that maybe it is happiness that buys money. When 15,000 American adolescents were analyzed, researchers found those who were happy in their youth generally tended to make an additional $2,000 a year by the time they were 29, and at 22 they had a higher level of satisfaction.

But the truth in the age-old saying is that keeping money personally does make one miserable.

"Humans are very sensitive to change, but we adapt at incredible speeds to our new wealth," according to the video. "Some studies have shown that in North America, additional income beyond $75,000 a year ceases to impact day-to-day happiness. In fact, people who win the lottery often report becoming extremely unhappy. They often end up spending all the money, going into debt and experience ruined social relationships."

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