This blogger reads one of her favorite Christmas books to her children. On her site, she provides a list of 25 Christmas books that she thinks are great for kids.

Here's a Christmas list of Christmas lists — no, not that kind of list. Instead of wish requests for Santa Claus, these bloggers have created lists filled with ideas: for gifts, music, books and more.

First is a bunch of cute homemade gifts that kids can make. These include make-your-own “I-Spy” books, fabric letters, treasure soaps and so much more. So fun! These activities can also teach your children about the importance of giving.

Second up is “Jocelyn’s List of the Best Christmas Books for Children 2012” that includes 25 links to some of her “very, very favorite books that strike at the true meaning of Christmas ... books with a lot of heart in them and books that speak to the heart of a child. I hope you enjoy these stories as much as we do! They are truly the best of the best and worthy of a good snuggle with you and your children! Merry Christmas!”

In third place, find a whole blog train (with 15 blogger participants) of wonderful and free online scrapbooking kits. The theme? It "came from last year's Christmas devotional from President (Dieter F.) Uchtdorf (who is the second counselor in the First Presidency). He said, ‘..we do not need a Christmas holiday or Christmas traditions to remember Jesus Christ, our Savior. But the celebrations of Christmas can help remind us of him. The hallowed Christmas season can be an opportunity to recommit to keep the fire of the Spirit and the glory of the Son of God burning in our hearts every day throughout the year.’ May we ponder the true meaning of Christmas and gather around us those we love as we reflect upon this past year and look forward to a bright 2013!” So beautiful and fun. Click in!

Fourth, find a whole list of “Choral Christmas Music” albums that help this chorister pick out her favorite pieces to teach. Of course, the Mormon Tabernacle Choir makes the list.

  • Fifth is Kirk Caudle’s “Christmas List 2012: Books on Scripture/Theology,” which includes many fascinating titles, sure to please the bibliophiles in your life.

    Finally, sixth is a whole list of items that can help teach children, in this case in a Primary singing time setting but which can be modified for family or classroom, the true meaning of Christmas by going on a “Christmas Singing Time Journey.” Make sure to include lots of great Christmas songs.

    Now let me list a few more Christmas-themed Bloggernacle posts:

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    Power pick: “The story of Christmas is a story of love.” So President Henry B. Eyring, first counselor in the First Presidency of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, introduces this beautiful new Bible Video Mormon Message “Good Tidings of Great Joy: The Birth of Jesus Christ.” It’s a wonderful addition to the growing list of Christmas Videos found at Mormon Messages. Watch as President Uchtdorf than takes up the narration, as the video unfolds. Then, as you may guess, our prophet’s words conclude the inspiring video: “May his precious spirit be with us, and may he ever be the center of our celebrations!”

    Techie tip: Finally, for a whole list of Christmas-themed activities and ideas, check out the holiday topic page of The Friend at Find printable pictures, puzzles, videos and more. Check it out!

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    Enjoy the newest Bible Video "Good Tidings of Great Joy: The Birth of Jesus Christ."

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