Matt Sayles, The Associated Press
In this Nov. 17, 2008, file photo, Taylor Lautner arrives at the premiere of "Twilight" in Los Angeles. Lautner is among celebrities who own a sports car that boasts high gas mileage.

In the teen-heartthrob world, saving money on gas is the cool thing to do, and everyday people can be part of the trend too, according to

Justin Bieber, Taylor Lautner and Joe Jonas each drive a Fisker Karma, a hybrid sports car with all-electric 32 miles per gallon and then 20 miles per gallon when the battery is depleted.

Unfortunately, the Fisker Karma is $102,000 for a base model.

For those without a celebrity income who still want to save money, a hybrid such as a Toyota Prius or Chevrolet Volt is more affordable, even though each has less horsepower.

Gas mileage can be increased from avoiding tailgating as well, in addition to other strategies. For more ideas on saving money on gas, see these seven tips.