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"Christmas in Bliss" is a short story by Michele Ashman Bell.

"CHRISTMAS IN BLISS," by Michele Ashman Bell, Covenant Communications, $3.99, 24 pages (f)

"Christmas in Bliss" is a quick, feel-good story. It is fairly predictable, however, and does not have much depth.

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In this light read, author Michele Ashman Bell, a Utahn and member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, describes a story of a young woman driving home for Christmas in a blizzard. Because of adverse road conditions, Nikki Michaels is forced to spend a portion of her Christmas with other travelers at a rest stop while waiting for snow plows.

During this time, Nikki meets a truck driver who happens to have a truck full of toys he is delivering to the cancer patients at Primary Children's Hospital. Combined with Nikki's bread and cheese she was bringing to her family for Christmas, they share holiday cheer with the families stranded at the rest stop. This brings back the magic of the season for all.

This cute short story can help be a reminder of the spirit of Christmas.

Wendy Jessen is a Southern Utah University graduate and a stay-at-home mother of six. Her email is wendyjessen26@gmail.com and she blogs at mormonmomofsix.blogspot.com.