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"The Window Builder: A Miracle for Mom" is by Kelly Hoose Johnson.

"THE WINDOW BUILDER: A Miracle for Mom," by Kelly Hoose Johnson, Sweetwater Books, $12.99, 69 pages (f) (12 and up)

It's Christmastime, and Jason knows the perfect gift for his mom: a new stained glass window that is a replica of her favorite Christmas ornament. This ornament was always the first one to go on the family Christmas tree. But since Jason's dad died in a traffic accident, the ornament has been kept stuffed in a drawer.

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To order a window, Jason's friend, Madison, introduces him to Philip, the window builder. After reviewing plans, Philip gives Jason three pieces of glass to choose from and encourages him to examine them in the light.

In the morning light, Jason sees more than beautiful colors through the glass — he sees a way to heal his mother's heart.

"The Window Builder: A Miracle for Mom" is a short story that entertains even while it teaches that truth can come through looking to the light and that miracles still happen, especially on Christmas.

This short story was very clean in language and subject matter, and the author sets the scene for a sequel every reader will be happy to read.

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