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Cedar Fort
"A Horse for Christmas" is by Eric Hendershot.

"A HORSE FOR CHRISTMAS," by Eric Hendershot, Sweetwater Books, $8.99, 89 pages (f) (ages 8-12)

"A Horse for Christmas" is designed for the young reader with a taste for adventure and a love for horses.

It's also a simple read so a parent can read it as a bedtime story with ease.

The story is all about Tyler, a young boy who wants a horse for Christmas and can't see why he can't just go get one of the wild mustangs roaming Nevada.

He doesn't worry about how he'll catch the horse, transport it or care for it after he gets one.

He simply goes.

His new friend who is kind of a show-off, goes with him, along with his little sister who remembers to bring sandwiches.

The story makes for a rather unbelievable journey with horse thieves, snakes and trouble that wraps itself up in a fashion that will satisfy the child in all of us.

It's rather charming, and the bad guys lose (not to give away the ending). It also could prove to be the first of a series of Tyler adventure stories.

This might make a good stocking stuffer for a youngster, depending on how seriously you want him or her to address reality.

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