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Provided by Bailiwick Press
Kendra Spanger is the illustrator of “Glitch: An Aldo Elnick Comic Novel."

"GLITCH: An Aldo Zelnick Comic Novel," by Karla Oceanak and illustrated by Kendra Spanger, Bailiwick Press, $12.95, 151 pages (f) (ages 8-11)

Another Aldo Zelnick comic novel by author Karla Oceanak is out in time for Christmas. "Glitch" tells the story of Aldo and his plan to get everything he wants for Christmas.

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Aldo's plan, called "triple G," is all about getting Aldo all of those expensive gifts he has seen advertised in catalogs. Aldo believes he deserves these gifts as much as anyone.

And so, Aldo launches his "triple G" plan to get everything. Along the way, he learns lessons about giving and receiving, while also gaining insight into the way his friend's family celebrates Hanukkah.

"Glitch" is written for fans of the "Wimpy Kid" series. It is illustrated with quirky cartoons and characters that add humor and help move the story along.

Young readers should enjoy this book and the Aldo Zelnick comic novel series.

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