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Eagle One Publishing
"Shoelaces for Christmas" is a book by Craig S. Buehner.

"SHOELACES FOR CHRISTMAS," by Craig S. Buehner, Eagle One Publishing, $12.95, 92 pages (f) (ages 12 and up)

"Shoelaces for Christmas" shows the maturity and development of a 15-year old boy named James Miller. He's the oldest of his siblings. In one Christmas, the family learns to treasure family relationships.

"Shoelaces" leads readers through the ups and downs of parenting teen boys and shows how the sorrows of life can be real learning experiences for even the most self-centered of teens.

This is a story that could be taken from anyone’s family as the characters are from a typical family of children, parents and grandparents. Craig S. Buehner creates a world that is so real it almost reads like a nonfiction story.

Through the wealth of his parents, James must learn responsibility and caring for others, which can only come from serving his fellow man.

This book is recommended for anyone 12 years and older. It is well written and draws the reader in.

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