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This is a scene from the new Mormon Messages video, "An Unexpected Gift."

Christmas gift: An Unexpected Gift,” the newest Christmas-themed video from the Mormon Messages channel, is just that, an unexpected gift for many of the commenters who were completely surprised by the power of this message about finding comfort during dark days. For instance, one commenter exclaims, “Wow, there should be a disclaimer that you WILL cry during this video! Amazing and touching video. Thank you for giving this gift to me!” And another says, “I feel like this video was posted today as a personal message to me. I thank God for tender mercies, for blessing us with messages of support and love through our trying times.” Please click in to view and then share with your family and friends.

Storage gift: Looking to celebrate the 12 days of Christmas? How about doing it in “Food Storage Style”? This blogger explains, “Share your love of food storage and the peace that comes with being self-reliant by doing our 12 Days of Christmas for a loved one this year. This has been a favorite feature of our blog for a few years now and we continue to update it with other ideas each year. There are tons of gift ideas you can do for FREE or very inexpensively to help people get started on their journey.” She includes a whole outline of ideas as well as printable labels to help you get started. Awesome!

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Printable gift: Needing a gift to give to neighbors or those you visit or home teach? Check out this beautiful “Jesus Christ Word-Art Printable” offered free! It marvelously illustrates the real reason for the season. Check it out, print it out and give it out.

And hobbits: "...and I'm a hobbit," "YOU SHALL NOT PASS!" and "...except for we don't drink tea. And apparently we don't go to pubs either. And we don't smoke pipes. But we do sit in cozy chairs." These are all quotable lines from a fantastically creative video just out from BYU. Meet Olo Toadfoot, who gives us "A Hobbit's View of BYU Learning Suite." Oh my goodness, this had me smiling for the rest of the day. Enjoy!

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