Missionaries in Sierra Leone make a crazy Christmas card.

Christmas music: is just full of gifts this holiday season: “As you fill your home with decorations, food, friends and family, fill it with uplifting Christmas music as well. Download this beautiful free Christmas music from the Mormon Tabernacle Choir, and then share it with others!” Find 10 free tracks to download. Gorgeous.

Ancestry mystery: Can solve a murder mystery? At least a fictional one? Find out tonight as “ (will be) featured on CSI: Crime Scene Investigation.” Cool!

Austenland news: A Mormon producer, a Mormon director, and a Mormon writer all came together to produce one movie that just got some good news. As Stephenie Meyer declares, “Happy, exciting news! The little indie film I produced two summers ago —Austenland— was just accepted into Sundance Film Festival! All of us who were involved are thrilled and can't wait to share it.” Awesome.

Christmas missions: I just love traveling virtually around the world to see how missionaries are celebrating Christmas. See how these senior missionaries laugh at a white-elephant exchange in Florida, and I think this last photo, both crazy and cute, should be the official mission Christmas card for these missionaries in Sierra Leone. Love it!

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