Welcome friends and family to your home with this colorful holiday wreath.

Likely, your holiday preparations are in full swing as you work to give and find joy during this Christmas season. Blogs across the Internet can help you set a happy and homey holiday mood.

First, the background music: Did you know the Mormon Music Channel is playing almost all Christmas music? Same with LDS radio. Both websites show you how to set up and then listen to Christmas music all day long! Another tip? Create a Mormon Tabernacle Choir Christmas station on Pandora. “Sing, Choirs of Angels!” indeed!

Next, check out Mormon Mommy Blogs' “5 Tips for a Stress Free Holiday” that can help you avoid common frustrations that take away from the holiday spirit. And these ideas are easy to implement, like “Take a Walk” or “Just Say No.”

On those days when the weather outside is frightful, a “Homemade Hot Chocolate Mix” from The Sisters Cafe would be so delightful. Learning how to make it by visiting the blog. The mix makes a great neighbor gift!

There are so many decoration ideas in blogs and Pinterest, but I must say “Handmade Christmas Bauble Wreath — Very Easy” by Foodmunster caught my eye because it says it's “very easy” and is gorgeous in both color and shine.

And check out this “To Us is Born (a Christmas musical short)” featured at MormonWoman. As the blogger there explains: “Perhaps the greatest story in human history is the story of the birth of Jesus Christ, the Son of God. This short musical film, created several years ago, depicts the early part of the sacred Christmas story when Mary tells Joseph of the angelic visitor, and he receives his own angelic visitation confirming the truth of her words.

"Watching the video made me reflect on how God uses ordinary people to do His extraordinary work, on the reality of angels, on the power of faith, and on the blessing of prophecies of holy prophets that helped people know of the Savior’s first coming, and prepare us for His Second Coming.”

And speaking of videos, have you watched the Christmas devotional yet? The messages from the First Presidency of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints should set the holiday spirit in your home.

Finally, Deseret Book presents a free book by John Hilton III. "The Little Book of Christmas Spirit" is available for Deseret Book's Bookshelf app or as a PDF download.

Now let’s find more holiday joy in a few more Bloggernacle posts:

Power pick: Did you hear about how a plethora of future sister missionaries gathered outside the Salt Lake temple last weekend? The Deseret News wrote about the celebration of more than 200 women. There's a beautiful video compilation on Facebook (login required) titled “Called to Serve” that beautifully depicts these same excited future sisters who sing, shout, cry, hug, and share in the joy of being able to go out to serve together. Their happiness is absolutely palatable. I love it.

Techie tip: 'Tis the season to be jolly — but also to be careful. Larry Richman highlights “12 Online Scams of Christmas” on LDS Media Talk that can dampen the delight. For instance, there are “fake charities” and “travel scams” and “malicious mobile apps.” And have you ever heard of SMishing? Richman writes all about it.

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