Bob Downing, MCT
The Regent's Canal in London is home to narrowboats, house boats that can only be 14 1/2 feet wide. According to an article, people can save money on their trips by using Facebook.

Facebook can help you travel cheaper, according to an article on Money Crashers.

In his article, Erik Folgate, a financial writer, points out four ways the social networking site has helped him travel more frugally: application's app on Facebook rates the price and quality of hostels, whether in or out of the United States.

"I backpacked around Europe four years ago, and we saved a ton of money staying at hostels," Folgate said in his article. "However, we didn’t have Facebook to get quality reviews of which hostels to frequent and which ones to stay away from. There were hostel review sites out there, but Facebook’s social network blows any of those sites away. "

'Where I've been'

Bragging about traveling on Facebook can actually help you network with others who have been to the same places. They can provide referrals to cheap places to eat and stay.

'Been there, done that' app

This lists where you have been, and also mentions what you did when you were there. Looking at what your friends did when they were there reveals cheap activities you could do yourself.

Trips by helps plan your trip. Organization in general can help you save money, Folgate says. "When you have a plan, you’ll save money, because you’ve already done the research. Being spontaneous is fun, and it has its place in your trip, but if your whole trip is done 'on the fly' you’ll fall into a lot of tourist traps," he said.

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