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Two LDS missionaries in Peru enjoy a Christmas lunch with other missionaries.

Missionary Christmas: An online blog featuring members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints allows readers to virtually travel to Peru. A recent post on the blog Posts from Peru tells all about a mission's Christmas celebrations. This “includes having lunch together, singing songs of the season, playing a few games and enjoying a devotional together. Each (missionary) receives a small package of goodies and a CD to share with their investigators that recounts the life of our Savior.” Considering the festive hats they're wearing in many of the photos on the blog, it seems apparent these missionaries are having a happy holiday season. Meanwhile, the the senior missionaries behind Reed Mission blog posts about investigators and visitors joining to do holiday decorating — with treats afterward, of course.

Five missions: The blog Gently Hew Stone summarizes a new scripture study exercise: “If we wanted to summarize the overall message of major collections of scripture, what might they be? We’re probably familiar with the 'missions of the church' formula — preach the gospel, perfect the saints, redeem the dead, care for the poor and needy — so, can we find similar missions communicated in books of scripture? Here’s what I’ve come up with so far. ... Old Testament: Obey the law; New Testament : Perfect the saints; Book of Mormon: Learn the gospel; Doctrine and Covenants: Build the kingdom; Pearl of Great Price: Seek the Lord.” Would you agree with that analysis?

Christmas FHE: Multiple blogs have provided ideas for family home evening during this Christmas season. First, Jenny Phillips provides two “Free Christmas FHE Plans" — one that looks at the “big picture of Christmas” and another that outlines some of the “symbols of Christmas.” Both are printable on Or check out a darling “Little People Nativity Scavenger Hunt" from The Home Teacher that would work with most any nativity set. Love it!

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