Mike Anderson, Deseret News
A concerned firefighter from Logan saw a driver weaving in and out of traffic Monday and decided to pull the driver over for investigation of DUI.
It’s probably not something that firemen like to do, but it was probably something that had to be done. —Cache County Sheriff’s Lt. Brian Locke

LOGAN — Police officers pull over drivers all the time. But a woman got a bigger surprise when she was pulled over by an unlikely vehicle: a full-size fire engine.

A firefighter with Engine 70 driving on U.S. 89 outside of Logan called dispatchers Monday to tell them that a southbound vehicle was driving erratically. Instead of just calling it in and letting police handle it, the firefighter decided to keep a close watch on the driver. He told dispatchers the driver was going about 15 miles an hour, weaving in and out of traffic.

The firefighter decided not to wait around for the police. When he was near 1700 South, he turned on his overhead lights. With lights flashing, he convinced the driver to pull over. But the driver didn't wait for the firefighter to approach her, and drove away.

The firefighter continued to pursue and flashed the truck's lights again before the driver stopped.

"Shortly after that, the (Utah Highway Patrol) and sheriff’s deputies were able to show up there," said Cache County Sheriff’s Lt. Brian Locke.

The driver said she was heading to the airport and was late for her flight. In talking with her further, investigators determined that she was actually 14 hours late, he said.

Janice R. Mills, 56, of North Carolina, was booked into the Cache County Jail for investigation of driving under the influence.

The firefighter, who did not want to be identified, told Fire Chief Jeff Peterson that his intention in flashing the lights was to keep the road safe and to keep other drivers away.

"It was really dangerous, so they did the right thing by sticking with it until the deputies got there," Locke said. “It’s probably not something that firemen like to do, but it was probably something that had to be done.”