Elder and Sister Jeffrey R. Holland debark from a hovercraft in Freetown, Sierra Leone.

Hovercraft ride: Which apostle rode in a bright yellow hovercraft to go and organize a stake? You are going to have to click in to find out and see the awesome accompanying photo.

LDSTech Broadcast: Today at noon MST, LDSTech will host a broadcast dedicated to the topic of “Managing Meetinghouse Firewalls and Internet Connectivity” where it will introduce Technology Manager, a tool that “helps improve self-service options and increases the ability of technology specialists to effectively manage meetinghouse networks.” Click in to learn more!

Winterizing kit: This preparedness blogger provides a photo essay depicting how she updated and winterized her “Car Kit.” Taking us through the process, she found that she needed to include more snacks and water, as well as find the jumper cables. It’s a great reminder to have important items safely stashed in your vehicle for your own safety, or perhaps to be able to help another.

Christmas lights: I love this news video showcasing the 160,000 “Lights at Joseph Smith’s Birthplace” at the South Royalton, Vt., Joseph Smith Memorial Visitors Center. It’s a whole display that you can drive through, and as they say showcases our “church, shining bright this holiday season.”

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