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A screenshot of the new Bible Video on the Mormon Channel, "O Come, Emmanuel," featuring ThePianoGuys.

Come Emmanuel: If you are on Facebook, chances are you’ve already seen the magnificent new YouTube video “O Come, Emmanuel” a creative combination between the inspired makers of the Bible Videos on the Mormon Channel and the musical geniuses that are The Piano Guys. The video is feverishly being shared over and over again. And for good reason. It beautifully traces much of the birth and life of the Savior before panning back to Mary as she holds her newborn son. Oh, it is breathtaking. Please watch and please share.

Christmas party: Many wards of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints are holding their Christmas parties this month, and blogger Sheena has kindly provided a Christmas ward program printable script/outline titled “The Spirit of Christmas.” It talks about the “symbols of Christmas" and "includes speakers, musical numbers and Mormon Messages.” Awesome. And I bet it could also be used as a family Christmas party program or even be molded into a family home evening. Check it out!

Authority line: Last week, I mentioned how you can now email the LDS Church to request your priesthood line of authority and left it at that. Larry Richman dug a little deeper in a post on to find out more about requesting your priesthood line of authority. He includes these important details: “If you wish to request your priesthood line of authority, include your full legal name, birth date, membership record number (if known), the name of the individual who ordained you to the office of elder or high priest (if known), and your return address and telephone number or email address. Send your request to…” Oh, for that you’ll have to read Richman's post.

Visiting teaching: “Becoming Anchored in the Gospel” is the quotable theme of a “December 2012 Visiting Teaching Message” printable on "'Visiting Teaching, a Work of Salvation' is the December 2012 Visiting Teaching message. We are encouraged to increase our knowledge, and our personal testimonies, which will then bless the lives of those we interact with,” the blog says. The printable is available to download, print and give.

Bloggernacle: A Bible Video/ThePianoGuys combo

"O Come, Emmanuel," featuring ThePianoGuys, is a brand-new YouTube video from the Mormon Channel.

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