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Provided by the Piano Guys
Jon Schmidt, left, and Steven Sharp Nelson perform a cello and piano duet of Christina Perri's song “A Thousand Years.”

The power of music is amazing. It can change your mood as well as the feeling in your home. A beautiful melody can inspire and lift. And, many times, it’s more powerful than words.

I appreciate my parents for making sure I was brought up in a home where music was a part of almost everything we did. My grandparents and mother are all accomplished musicians, and we were expected to take lessons, practice every day (thanks, Mom, for never letting me quit!), and share our talents. I’m grateful — especially during this holiday time of year — that a love of music was ingrained in me from an early age, and that my husband and I decided to make that an important part of our home and children’s lives as well. Great music brings personal joy. Sharing it with others can change lives.

This Sunday, Dec. 9, on “Mormon Times TV,” we’ll introduce you to five LDS dads who love music. For them, it's become much more than a hobby. The Piano Guys are an Internet sensation — turning their passion into a notable career, creating uplifting music and stunning videos. On this week’s episode, hear their story and get a look at their new Christmas music video filmed on The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints' Jerusalem set near Goshen, Utah.

Meanwhile, a group of LDS missionary moms came together this holiday season to decorate a special Christmas tree. You’ll see the touching story of how they honored two missionaries who will never be coming home.

It’s a wonderful thing when you can give holiday gifts that not only fill a need, but inspire. Even better when they do both! Emily Watts from Deseret Book will be along with uplifting holiday ideas for everyone in the family.

Plus we’ll continue presenting testimonies of Jesus Christ by his apostles, as we celebrate this season that is all about him.

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