SALT LAKE CITY — Before missing Saturday's game, Derrick Favors smiled after predicting he'd play Monday, crediting himself for having quick-healing powers like Wolverine.

That could be. But the Utah Jazz power forward doesn't have X-Man-like powers to accurately prognosticate the future.

For the second straight game, both Favors and Marvin Williams missed action Monday because of health issues.

Williams participated in the morning shootaround and said his head was "doing better," but the starting small forward was ruled out after experiencing more concussion-like symptoms in the afternoon leading up to tipoff against the Los Angeles Clippers.

Favors didn't participate in shootaround as he continues to deal with a strained right arch. An MRI taken Sunday was inconclusive, but an ultrasound done on Monday confirmed he has plantar fasciitis.

Both Williams and Favors are considered day-to-day.

The injuries opened more playing opportunities for reserves like Enes Kanter, Alec Burks and Jeremy Evans.

Coach Tyrone Corbin described his team's depth as being one of the Jazz's "blessed things" while talking about the chances some guys have with injuries that cause "frustrating" lineup changes.

"We have to move some things around. Some guys will have to play some extended minutes," Corbin said. "We'll have to ask some guys to play a different position a little bit, but guys will get minutes on the floor. This is what they work for. You work for your opportunity. The opportunity is upon us now, so you've got to be ready to respond to it."

After his team gave up 124 points in Saturday's loss at Houston, Corbin noted that the absence of Williams and Favors was noticeable on defense.

"It's a bigger hit on the defensive end than on the offensive. They're two guys that make their hay on the defensive end," Corbin said. "They're two good defensive players. They not only play their man well, they help on the rotations because they do a good job of being in position of helping and recovering back to their guy."

SAME OLD JAZZ: Former BYU star Michael Smith, now a commentator for the Clippers broadcast team, asked Corbin before Monday's game if the coach continues to run old-school Jazz plays.

"Our 1-4 set stuff is the old 1-4 set the Jazz and Coach (Jerry) Sloan have been running forever, and it's an effective offense if you get through it," Corbin said. "That's a really complete set of offenses within itself. One thing leads to another thing, that leads to another thing, so you always have something to go to."

Corbin said the Jazz like how that offense flows when done properly. He has no plans on going away from it, either.

"We'll still use it. I think it should be around forever," Corbin said. "It's just a part of who Utah is."

FAMILIAR FEEL: Mo Williams and Randy Foye both played for the Clippers last season, but Corbin credited them for picking up the Jazz offense in quick fashion.

That was easy for Williams, who was a rookie in Utah during the 2003-04 season. But the coach was impressed with Foye, too.

"(Mo) knew the offense. Even Randy, he played against if for years," Corbin said. "From Day 1, he said, 'Oh yeah, this … I remember getting burned on.'"

MAKING PROGRESS: Favors stayed behind the scenes in the teams training room during Mondays 105-104 loss.

Youre always disappointed as a player when youre not able to play, he said. But it (is) cool.

Maybe Wednesday for Favors, who takes pride in quickly bouncing back from ailments.

Yeah, Im still Wolverine, Favors joked. I dont yet. Ive got to see how I feel (Tuesday), see if I can go, because I dont want to rush back into it, but Ill see how I go.

Favors is making progress, though.

It feels a lot better, he said. Its not as sore as it was at first.

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