Seven shareable cards, including this one, are available at

I love all the countdowns to Christmas I see pop up in the blogs at the beginning of December, and since it isn’t too far into December, I thought I’d share some of these creative and spiritual ways people look forward to the big day in case you want to share them with your family and friends.

First, the annual countdown to Christmas on Facebook will feature these magnificent cards (scroll down a bit to see them) that you can share with your family friends. Click in to take a look — and prepare to be amazed!

The blog complied many different “Christmas Advent Activities that Focus on Christ” from bloggers that include learning about characteristics of Jesus Christ each day, musical selections, service and even a question and answer format geared toward helping children delve into the scriptures. And much more. Similarly, this “Names of Christ Advent and Printable” uses the scriptures to teach your family about all the different names of Jesus Christ. It’s easy, educational and memorable.

This blogger goes one step farther and provides us with a gift of a printable “24 Days of Christmas” booklet that she complied for her own family that is “a collection of scripture, song and story to be read each day prior to Christmas. This is something my kids looked forward to when they were younger. We would gather around in the evenings and take turns reading from the book.” Click in to download it and make it your own family tradition.

Now the MormonLifeHacker has a good idea, to celebrate the “12 Days of Christ” as a family. He used his blog as a call-out to his family to each prepare a scripture story about Jesus Christ, and made a Google document to record who is doing what, and when. And in posting to his blog, he models it for any other family who wants to do something similar. Brilliant. Click in to see more.

And doesn’t a cookie countdown sound fun? This blogger will be featuring Christmas cookie recipes throughout the rest of the month as part of her “Annual Christmas Cookie Extravaganza.” On the menu today? Delectably soft gingersnaps. Follow along for the rest of the month to see more cookie goodness.

Now let’s countdown to Christmas with more Bloggernacle posts:

Power pick: There are almost 24 videos on the Mormon Messages Christmas playlist. With 21 beautiful holiday messages available — including such favorites as “They Gave Up Their Christmas,” “Christmas in the Holy Land,” “Wise Men Still Seek Him” — the playlist could work as a countdown since you'd have one to watch each day with your family until Dec. 25. Plus I'll be willing to bet there will be a few more added by Christmas. It could be a new tradition. Plus, as an added bonus, watch this new Mormon Channel about how Christmas can be all about “Remembering Family.”

Techie tip: The team is promoting a fun little “Christmas Tradition Survey” that you can take on Facebook. It’s only three questions and prompts you to think about your favorite traditions both past and present. Click in to take it — results will be posted later in the week.

Christmas in the Holy Land

This Mormon Channel video is one of nearly two dozen Christmas-related videos on its Christmas playlist.

In "Christmas in the Holy Land," Eric Huntsman, associate professor of ancient scripture at Brigham Young University's Jerusalem Center, gives a scriptural account of Jesus Christ's birth from Jerusalem.

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