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"Smart Move" is a new book by Melanie Jacobson.

"SMART MOVE," by Melanie Jacobson, Covenant Communications, $16.99, 246 pages (f)

Melanie Jacobson's new book, "Smart Move" will leave readers laughing out loud. "Smart Move" is the companion novel to "Twitterpated" and follows the character Sandy Burke.

Sandy met Jack Manning at a club in Seattle. He said he would call, and she waited for that call for months. It never came. Sandy was devastated and was never able to entirely forget him. A year later, when she has the chance to leave Seattle and work at New Horizons in Washington, D.C., she jumps at the chance.

New Horizons is a nonprofit organization that helps women get back on their feet, something Sandy is very passionate about. However, plans to build a new outreach center come to a screeching halt when an annoying lawyer tries to block their permit to build the center.

On top of that, Sandy has to deal with her mother, who is obsessed with all things New Age and is convinced that Sandy’s religion as a now activity member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is a fraud and is not filling her needs. Between her mom “the crazy train” and the lawyer she likes to call “El Diablo” it is only time before someone drives her crazy.

As if battling for the new outreach center wasn’t hard enough, she finds herself battling for her heart too. Jake Manning, the handsome guy from Seattle, reappears in Washington, D.C., and kicks her heart back into overdrive. The only problem is that Jake is also “El Diablo.” Sandy refuses to be attracted to the guy who is making her life a living nightmare at work.

However, Jake isn’t so ready to let her walk away. Sandy determines that she can use the "flirt-to-convert" method to make him see the importance of the new center. Jake is set on winning her back. However, Sandy quickly realizes she is in danger of losing both her head and her heart.

While it is a companion novel to "Twitterpated," this book can easily be read as a stand-alone novel. Jacobson’s writing always manages to be refreshing, entertaining, amusing and uplifting. She writes her romances in a way that are accessible to readers of all ages. Her romances are always clean and never contain any content that would offend any reader of any age.

Jacobson’s characters are always masterfully developed and spring off the pages. Jacobson will have readers laughing out loud at least a few times as she relates the hilarious encounters between Sandy and Jake as they battle for their jobs and their hearts. Fans of the romantic comedy will love Jacobson’s novel “Smart Move,” and will appreciate the novel for its depth, its entertainment value and its overall cuteness.

Danica Baird is currently attending Brigham Young University and is pursuing a double-major in English and journalism.