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Cedar Fort
"For What It's Worth" is a novel by Karey White.

"FOR WHAT IT'S WORTH," by Karey White, Cedar Fort, $15.99, 240 pages (f)

When Abby Benson's Aunt Grace dies, she leaves Abby a great gift in her will: the ability to make all of her childhood dreams come true. Abby is given a house that can be turned into a bakery and office. Or Abby can play it safe, get a roommate to share the house with, and continue with her current job answering phones and filing away invoices.

With support from her family, Abby decides to take a chance and open a wedding cake bakery: A Piece of Cake. She will put all of her baking skills and imagination to use and create masterpieces that can make every bride happy and proud. The bride is not quoted a firm price; instead, she is asked to pay Abby what she felt the cake is worth.

With a location, a name, and a business model, Abby is ready to begin but must first remodel the house. Abby hires Dane Reynolds, as much for his looks as his porfolio. As Abby and Dane develop a serious relationship, Abby learns that it is possible to have it all and lose everything, all at once.

"For What It's Worth" begins slowly and luckily the following pages were exponentially better than the first.

The main character, Abby, is easy to relate to, love and to cheer for as she builds her business and her relationship with Dane at the same time. When Dane's family gangs up on Abby, it is easy to take Abby's side. In fact, this scene is a major weakness in the book because Dane never does fully support Abby before the crucible of his family, foreshadowing many difficult Thanksgiving dinners to come.

The characters' language is clean, Abby and Dane's relationship doesn't physcially go beyond kissing and there isn't any violence to speak of.

The message of this book is truly worth the read — making dreams come true requires courage and hard work, and finding the right balance is worth the sacrifice.

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What: Karey White book signing

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