A simple but brilliant tithing settlement scheduling idea is to use tear-off tabs.

Gospel pictures: Do you want these “Gospel Pictures for (your) Home”? You better hurry and order some, as Larry Richman explains. “The Church is phasing out the printing of the large 11″ x 17″ printed pictures used in meetinghouse libraries in favor of more digital options in the future (displaying pictures on screens).

If you want to buy any of these pictures for your home, you’d better get them now. When existing supplies are gone, the printed pictures will be discontinued (not reprinted).” Good to know.

Email request: Did you know that men can order an electronic copy of their priesthood line of authority with just a quick email to [email protected]? From online users' experience, the turnaround can be in as little as 24 hours. Awesome!

Tithing settlement: I thought this idea for a “Tithing Settlement Tear-Off Schedule” to be absolutely brilliant. It helps you when you get back home and wonder, did I just sign up for 3:10 or 3:20? Not that I’ve had that experience (cough, cough). Also, to help your children understand more about what tithing settlement is and means, check out this handy family home evening discussing just that. Includes lessons for both younger children and older children. Click in.

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