Keith Srakocic, AP
Recruiters provide information at a July job fair in the Pittsburgh suburb of Green Tree, Pa. Those who are seeking employment can cut back on a few areas to make the period of underemployment more bearable.

Planning ahead for unemployment is a must, says the author of financial blog Couple Money, and she recommends ways families can prepare beforehand to ease a difficult situation.

"While we wished it worked out differently, (underemployment) turned out to be a blessing in disguise and the experience helped us to change our financial system for the better," blogger Elle said in her post. "We also learned to communicate and combine our efforts better. Should we have to go through a similar situation, here are a few ways we’d deal with the emergency."

Cellphone bill

Look at what is excess and what can be done without. She used Republic wireless to cut back on their costs, but not paying for what you don't use, and not using what you don't pay for, can also reduce costs.

Eating out

Save eating out for special occasions such as an anniversary. Swap baby-sitting with friends to go on free date nights.

Minimize grocery budget

Cut down on experimenting with meals. Elle was able to cut $50 a month when she and her husband ate more simply.

Find useful hobbies

She also suggests finding more productive hobbies, including taking on work projects on the side while the job search continues. This not only provides a little income, but keeps a resume current and expands skills.