Jae C. Hong, AP
A homeowner asks a question during a foreclosure information class held at the Consumer Credit Counseling Service in Las Vegas, Wednesday, Feb. 11, 2009. Millions of Americans have become renters again after foreclosure.

Credit scores affect more than just loan eligibility and interest rates, according to an article by MoneyNing. At least three other groups that are interested in how good - or bad - a credit score is.

Automobile insurance

Age, location and amount of use for a vehicle determine the price of insurance premiums, but auto insurance companies in many states use credit scores to help determine these costs as well.

This practice is facing opposition with a bill proposed in congress in July 2012, which would make this practice illegal if passed. Until then, credit score can affect those costs.

Rental agreements

Landlords can look at a full credit report, which includes the score and also a payment history. Looking at this history sometimes determines the risk of the person wanting to rent.

Job opportunities

Employers can't have access to credit scores, but they gather information from the report. They check for lawsuits, debt collection, bankruptcy and debt-to-income ratio. But usually these credit checks are only made when jobs involve financial responsibility, access to confidential employee information or high-level jobs.

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