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A scene from the new Strength of Youth Media 2013 teaser trailer.

Youth strength: The new Strength of Youth Media 2013 program is coming in December and this new video, showcasing young men and women doing great things across the world, serves as a teaser trailer. It cites the 2013 Young Men/Young Women theme “Stand Ye in Holy Places” so that will be a major part of this new initiative.

Youth curriculum: Speaking of the youth, Beginnings New takes a look at some of the “Questions on getting Youth more involved with the New Curriculum.” This post wonders if giving assignments to the youth beforehand will help them be better prepared. She lists both advantages and disadvantages to this approach, including “Advantage: giving an assignment has the potential of having everyone on the same page and focused together before we even get to class. In other words, it creates unity.” Click in for more and to see an instructional comment from a Young Women leader who has already implanted the new curriculum as part of the pilot program.

Essential Toiletries: Do you know the “7 Essential Toiletries to Stock Up On” in case of an emergency? This blogger explains “Yes, you do have more than 7 toiletries on your shelf, but I listed what I consider essential, and then listed the nice-to-haves. Nice-to-haves are items you might not need (or find) after a disaster, but you use them everyday, and boy they would be nice to have if you ever became unemployed. Essentials are necessary for hygiene. You could definitely argue the point and move some nice-to-haves to the essentials list and vice versa. But if finances are tight, I recommend gathering a supply of the 7 Essential Toiletries first. Then some of the nice-to-haves.” Click in to see the full lists of both the essential items and the “nice-to-haves” as well as how much to get.

Thanksgiving sandwich: Still slogging through leftovers? Then you need this recipe for the “Day After Thanksgiving Sandwich” that ulitzies many of the turkey-day foods. It looks yummy and easy. Check it out!

Strength of Youth Media

This new video showcases young men and women doing great things across the world and serves as a teaser trailer for the the 2013 Young Men/Young Women theme Stand Ye in Holy Places."

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