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A screenshot from Deseret Book's Heroes of the Book of Mormon mobile app.

“Hi Emily, I enjoy reading your column on the Mormon Times website and have a request. I think you have listed some apps before that would be appropriate for children..., but wondered if sometime you could list those again and any others that you have run across.”

This morning I opened my inbox to find this request and thought, I haven’t looked at apps for children in a while, so straightaway I began searching. And these (some free, some not) are what I found.

My first advice is that you need to make sure you children are aware of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints’ available (and free!) mobile apps, which include a scripture mastery app, Bible Videos app, Gospel Library app (so nice for pulling out during hymns and to follow along during scriptures) and more.

Deseret Book offers “Heroes of the Book of Mormon,” a kid-based $1.99 app that, as described, “provides the following fun and educational activities and games for kids: coloring book, puzzles and matching game. Featuring over 20 different individuals, this app serves as a great introduction to the people of the Book of Mormon. Scripture references are included for additional study in the LDS scriptures — perfect for teaching kids and learning about the heroes of the Book of Mormon.”

Searching iTunes, one will come to find LDS Coloring Book Free where children can “color with crayons or tap to fill shapes (and) zoom in and out. You can even choose to color with crayons that magically stay within the lines!” And it is, as described, free, as is this LDS Scripture Heroes app. There is also the Child Scripture Stories app that is not free ($2.99), but all proceeds are donated to the general missionary fund.

These are just a few of the growing list of available apps that can be used in many situations (think family home evening, long car rides, doctor’s waiting rooms, church lessons and much more). It's pretty easy to just search "LDS children" at your favorite app store. And isn't it just marvelous that there are all kinds of resources literally at our swiping fingertips?

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Power pick: I’m excited to start covering all the Christmas-themed posts and news as the holiday jingles closer, so I’ll begin with the news that the church has launched a Christmas campaign that focuses in on family, service, love and the reason for the season: Jesus Christ. I’ll be excited to see how it spreads and will be likely spotlighting it more in the coming weeks. Click in to see how you can share the joy.

Techie tip: Speaking of apps, Larry Richman spotlights “Deseret Book’s LDS Quotes Mobile App” and calls this new app that features inspirational quotes “worth the download.” He explains, “When you first open it, you are given that day’s inspirational quote, accompanied by the source, topic and picture of the book or author. You can click on either the source or topic and get additional quotes based on those preferences. Each daily quote can be starred, noted or shared. Sharing options include Facebook, Twitter, SMS, email and print. One of my favorite features of the app was the fact that I can choose what time of day I want to be reminded to read my daily quote. I set mine to alert me at 6:45 a.m., in the middle of breakfast, when other less important apps — like Angry Birds or Instagram — usually seem more convenient, but certainly less edifying.” Click in to learn more about it.

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