WEST VALLEY CITY — Police are investigating a shooting that left shell casings and bullet holes in an apartment building Sunday.

Police say the incident happened around 7:45 a.m. at a four-unit building at 1915 W. 3300 South. West Valley City Police Sgt. Paul Gill said a man knocked on several doors of the small apartment complex in search of an unknown presumed resident.

"He was looking for a specific individual who apparently he has some type of problem with," Gill said.

A resident of one of the units eventually answered, and the man was told that the person he was looking for was not there.

"(He) wasn't happy with that answer," Gill said, "and as he was walking away from the apartment, he turned around and fired multiple shots back at the apartment."

Police did not specify how many shots were fired, but as many as 20 bullet holes could be counted at the scene. Some of the shots went through a window and a wall, but no one inside the apartment was hurt.

Gill said the gunman fled in a vehicle that was possibly driven by a female. No suspect has been identified. The investigation is still ongoing.

"Hopefully we can get an I.D. on this individual and get this resolved," Gill said.

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