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One blogger joined other Latter-day Saints to assist in the Mormon Helping Hands cleanup effort after Hurricane Sandy.

Temple infographic: A hat tip goes to Larry Richman, who spotlights this awesome “2012 LDS Temple Infographic” that is not only beautiful to look at, but also interactive. “Click and drag to scroll through the LDS Temple Infographic. Click again to stop scrolling.” And then be amazed at these beautiful 3-D renderings of temples, complete with information on the year built, the square footage and other facts of note. So marvelous!

Helping Hands: I know there’s been a lot about the Mormon Helping Hands work on the East Coast, but in my opinion, there is never too much. This blogger provides her story of spending a “Sunday in Rockaways” contributing to the Mormon Helping Hands effort. She testifies: “I'm so grateful for the example of a Savior who invites us to look out for our brothers and sisters. I'm grateful for the organization the church demonstrates in times of great need. I'm grateful for all the smiling faces wearing yellow jerseys that day, and I will never forget those images. Even though I know that I barely made a dent in the efforts overall, I know that I helped make a big difference to those families, and that the purifying feelings that come from serving one another are beautiful and real.” Click in for the awesome photos.

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Family history: Genealogy can be so fun and surprising. Take this story of a "Great, Great, Great, Grand Adventure” in Nauvoo. This blogger explains: “After we found my mom’s great-grandfather, Nahum Curtis’, land, just down at the end of Page Street, we pulled out the map for my dad’s great-grandfather, Rueben Manning Jolley. We drove about 50 feet before I discovered it was the same location. I was so surprised that I yelled to Rob to stop the car. ‘They lived next door to each other!’ I said. ‘Turn around; we have to go back.’ We looked at the two plots of land and felt so blessed to make this discovery. These long-ago neighbors now had their families connected and they helped me discover it so I could share it with our family! I immediately called my parents and they were so excited and amazed! Who knows what you’ll find if you take a second look!” Fun!

Visiting teaching: One more week to finish your visiting teaching, and these “October 2012 General Conference Tags” are so handy and delightful. Taking quotes from this last conference, this blogger has crafted cute tags that you just print and give. Love it!

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