DreamWorks Animation
Bunnymund, voiced by Hugh Jackman, left, and North, voiced by Alec Baldwin, in a scene from "Rise of the Guardians."

Violence: Guardians must defeat a character named Pitch before he can complete his evil plan. The guardians fight and use weapons against Pitch and the minions he creates. Some characters are injured during the fight and one disappears from existence.

Fear: Pitch is better known as the boogeyman and has the ability to scare people and create nightmares. The film holds back when it comes to Pitch so younger viewers can watch this film. A mild level of scary.

Family: A great film for the family to go to together and a good film to discuss with your kids afterward.

"Rise of the Guardians" is an enjoyable film for the whole family. The only question is whether a child might be scared by the Pitch character. He is a bad guy, but he could be a lot worse. Really young kids could be scared, but a 5-plus audience would work for this story. The violence is cartoonish. Overall, a great story that can be shared by the whole family.

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