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Nichole Gail Clark, 11, who was impaled by a curtain rod, passed away Monday evening.

PLEASANT VIEW, Weber County — The 11-year-old girl who was impaled by a curtain rod over the weekend passed away Monday evening.

Chris Dallin, a spokesman with McKay-Dee Hospital Center, confirmed that Nichole Gail Clark died, but he could not comment further on the nature of her injuries. Earlier Monday, a family spokeswoman said the girl had been declared brain dead.

Nikki was climbing an outside flight of stairs to her house Saturday while carrying a curtain rod when she accidentally fell, according to a Facebook post from her aunt and family spokeswoman Brandi Babbitt.

The rod pierced her chest and came out through her neck, Babbitt said.

Police said the girl was able to get inside her home near 2491 N. U.S. 89 in Pleasant View and alert family members, who called for an ambulance.

"Your first reaction when that happens, of course, is to pull it out," Babbitt said. "She walked in her house and pulled it out, and she immediately bled out within two minutes."

Nikki underwent surgery Saturday at McKay-Dee. The girl was in such bad shape Monday that Babbitt said she was too fragile to move to Primary Children's Medical Center.

"It's a bad time of year, and especially for a child. You wouldn't wish that on anyone, and for that to be happening to us, it's hard," an emotional Babbitt said.

A trust fund has been set up at U.S. Bank to help the family with medical and other expenses.

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