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Bangkok help: Evan of the YouTube series "Evan Meets World" takes us on a virtual tour of "Helping Hands for Bangkok" as Mormons work together to bring much needed flood supplies to those affected by the heavy rains and flooding there. I love how the woman shouting instructions calls the church "The Church of Jesus." Watch as people walk waist-deep in water to help one another. And many of the "Helping Hands" are Mormons who were also flooded out of their homes. But still they went out to help others. Wow.

YouTube safety: “3. Turn on YouTube Safety Mode.” Ever heard of that? This is one of “7 Tips for YouTube Safety” that outline some important ways you can explore YouTube. Check out all seven. And let me add one more: QuietTube is a nice bookmark-worthy button that allows you to safely share videos with friends and family without having the additional “suggestions” along the side that can sometimes be suggestive. You'll notice my example of one in the Bangkok link above. Check it out.

Cookie brownies: How could “Brownies with Cookie Dough Frosting” not be good? Notice I didn’t say “good for you,” but I think this recipe looks incredibly, decadently delicious. A fun weekend treat! Enjoy.

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