Andrew Cooper
Dakota Fanning and Cameron Bright star in "The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn — Part 2."

Violence: Vampires are vicious. They will torture and kill those who oppose them, even if they are vampires themselves. Vampires are hunted down and killed. Some are tortured before killing.

Gore: To kill a vampire, you remove its head and limbs, so you will see many body parts flying around in one scene of this film. There is a scene with bodies piled up due to the killing spree of a baby vampire. Fire is used to dispose of vampire bodies after tearing them apart. Some scenes include blood.

Sensuality/nudity: Bella and Edward are seen naked together in bed, though nothing is shown below the shoulders. Jacob strips in front of Charlie, but he is only shown with his shirt off.

This is the last of the Twilight saga films and probably the best, but that still does not make it great. Some of the CGI effects were poor. The angst of the previous films is gone, due to Bella and Edward now being married. Plus, the story focuses on everyone coming together to protect the family. This is the most violent film in the franchise, and when you include the sexuality, a 15-plus age is probably the best recommendation.

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