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Covenant Communications
"5 Temptation Killers" is a talk by Hank Smith on CD.

"5 TEMPTATION KILLERS," by Hank Smith, Covenant Communications, $11.99, 60 minutes (nf)

What do you do when faced with temptation? In a new talk on CD titled "5 Temptation Killers," speaker Hank Smith discusses temptation in the scriptures and modern life and outlines five principles on how to defeat it.

Taken from a live recording with youths from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Smith relates personal experiences, Bible stories and practical advice to help young men and women live the gospel of Jesus Christ. Two of the five temptation killers Smith mentions relate to youths establishing good relationships with parents so when trouble arises, they can get help and counsel from those who love them the most.

With each temptation killer, Smith gives a practical example, such as his retelling of the story of Ehud and the children of Israel being in bondage to an evil king named Eglon, a lesser-known story from the Old Testament (see Judges 3:15-4:1).

Comment on this story

Smith's presentation of gospel principles involves a great deal of humor, storytelling and inspirational insights. The CD should be entertaining for youths and allow them to both feel the spirit and learn the gospel in a fun way. He encourages youths to memorize scriptures to defeat sin and apply gospel principles from the Bible "so you can become the example you were meant to be."

In summary, Smith's contagious sense of humor and real-life examples are disarming and charming. The principles taught are beneficial for LDS youths. This is one of the better CDs Smith has produced, and the cover art is a personal favorite as it shows five tough-looking viking warriors ready to defeat temptation.

Ryan Morgenegg is a multimedia specialist for the Deseret News.