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There he is! He's so beautiful, he's like a unicorn! Or a minotaur! —Baltimore Ravens linebacker Terrell Suggs on Dennis Pitta

Former BYU tight end Dennis Pitta is blossoming this season with the NFL's Baltimore Ravens. In fact, according to teammate Terrell Suggs, Pitta is practically a mythical creature.

Pitta leaped to snag a 5-yard touchdown pass in the second quarter of Baltimore's blowout win over Oakland on Sunday, leading Suggs to turn to the camera behind the bench and proclaim his love.

"There he is!" Suggs yelled. "He's so beautiful, he's like a unicorn! Or a minotaur!"

Suggs has a history of these kinds of exclamations. During a game last season, Suggs likened the young tight end to a well-known credit card. From the Baltimore Sun:

"The white tight end, baby!" Suggs screamed into the camera. "He's always there when you need him."

He then turned to a few of his teammates and said, "The white tight end. He's American Express. He's everywhere you want to be. Don't leave home without him." Terrence Cody seemed very amused.

Comparisons to consumer spending and bull-headed demi-humans aside, Pitta is having a solid season for the Ravens. He beat out teammate Ed Dickson for the starting position earlier in the year and has now tallied 37 catches for 376 yards and three touchdowns.

Pitta is BYU's all-time leader in pass receptions.

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