The new emphasis on doing personal family history for temple work is highlighted on the main page of

Family history: Larry Richman shares a letter he received from FamilySearch about The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints' new direction of handling family names at the temple. It explains, in part, that “The Family History page and a few other pages discussed below introduce you to four basic areas of focus as you learn how to teach members. These include the following: 1. Learn the Doctrines of Temple and Family History Work. This webpage provides scriptural citations and quotes from the brethren explaining the basic principles of why members of the church do family history research and temple work. There is also an excellent video titled 'The Turning of Our Hearts' that helps explain what can happen when these principles are applied. 2. Learn how to reserve your own family names in FamilySearch. Then learn how to teach others to do the same for their own family. There is a link to a video titled 'Prepare a Name for the Temple' that provides easy-to-follow instructions on how to clear names for temple work. Learn how to prepare a Family Ordinance Request so you can teach others how to do it.”

Click in for the other two points as well as to find other important resources.

Veterans Day: In honor of yesterday where we honored those who have served this country so unselfishly, consider using the resources from this “Veterans Day” post to teach your family this evening. Find videos, pamphlets, talks and much more: “The (LDS) Church’s military relations program consists of (1) church orientation for members who enter military service; (2) support from stakes and wards regardless of where military members are stationed throughout the world; (3) the organization of service member groups when members in military service are unable to attend local wards or branches; and (4) endorsement of qualified individuals who desire to become military chaplains in the various branches of service.” Click in to learn all about it.

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Cold font: It can take of a lot of work and prayers to help converts reach the waters of baptism, but I wonder if these Mormon missionaries realized just how much it would take on the actual baptism day: “We had a baptism last night. Two sisters were baptized. Elder Duncan went up to the church at 11 a.m. to get things ready and help the elders fill the font. The building was very cold. As they began to fill the font, the water was simply not warm enough. As it went into the font, the cold font cooled down the warm water. And it was filling very slowly. The 50 gallon water heater just couldn't do the job. So Elder Duncan stayed up there all day, heating 2 large canners and a roaster full of water on the stove in the kitchen, and then dumping them into the font and refilling and reheating them.” Now that’s dedication.

Many mustaches: This is so random, but I just giggled at this post where a teacher describes making “Movember Mustaches” with her students and how much they loved the silliness of it all. Plus it includes printables for making your own mustaches. So if you’re in a silly mustache-making mood, check it out.

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