Sam Penrod
Dixie State President Stephen Nadlaud in 2012.

ST. GEORGE — A survey is under way for suggestions and input on Dixie State College's upcoming name change.

The name change comes as the college prepares to become a university. School officials say it's an opportunity to rebrand and choose a name that reflects the future of the school while still honoring its past.

To take part in the survey, visit The survey will be available online through Friday, Dec. 14, which is the last day of fall semester final exams on the Dixie State campus.

It's anticipated that the Board of Regents will vote to recommend university status at its meeting on the Dixie campus in January.

School officials anticipate the final decision for a new name will be made prior to the regents meeting. From there, the matter will go on to the Utah Legislature for its approval, followed by the signing of legislation by the governor.

Dixie State College began in 1911 as St. George Stake Academy. It's also been called Dixie Academy and Dixie Junior College.