Screenshot from YouTube video
A prospective LDS sister missionary opens her call on Halloween.

Sister missionaries: The Florida Jacksonville Mission excitedly reports the following: “The Lord is hastening his work! We all feel it. With the announcement of the age change for missionaries the amount of applications to the missionary department of the church since conference has increased. ... We just found out that this mission's complement (the number of missionaries assigned) of sisters went up from 24 sisters to 122!!!! By next year at this time we will have almost the same amount of sisters as elders!!!” Wow! See what counsel they give to prepare for this influx.

And then, on a similar note, watch as this young sister missionary-to-be gets “The Best Halloween Treat Ever.”

Media Studies: BYU is sponsoring the second Mormon Media Studies Symposium Thursday and Friday, and I invite you to come check it out as media professionals, including me, and scholars talk about "Mormon Moment(s) and the Media." Panels will look at how Mormons and politics intersected, women's issues, the "I'm a Mormon" campaign, blogs and other social media tools, and so much more. If you are in Provo, come check it out.

Largest chicken: The Modern Mormon Men blog looks at some fun “Mormon World Records,” including the oldest members ever on record, the man with the lowest Social Security number and this humorous anecdote: “Q: Who owned the largest chicken in the church? A: Former church historian and long-time chicken farmer Leonard Arrington and his wife, Harriet, were the proud owners of the largest chicken in the church in 1987. OK, so this wasn't a live chicken, but where else do we put a 6-foot tall chicken who looks like it won't take no for an answer? This plastic-and-fiberglass bird showed up on the Arrington's front porch on Christmas Eve, 1987. Stepson Rick Sorenson had the bird flown in overnight as a Christmas present. When the bird was discovered out front on Christmas morning, Brother Arrington said, ‘We laughed and laughed for two hours straight.’” Awesome.

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