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Daniel Craig portrays James Bond in a scene from "Skyfall."

Language/sensuality: Profanity is used throughout the film and there are some innuendos that are always present in a Bond film. Plus, there are scenes depicting sexuality — some in silhouette, and another not.

Violence/gore: This is a spy-shoot-‘em-up kind of film, so there are guns used to kill people. There are many fights in the film and some do not end with both fighters living. One man is eaten by a Komodo dragon, though it is not shown. One character shows his face which has been mangled by chemicals.

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Smoking/drugs: Some of the characters are smoking in a casino scene. There is also drinking in this film. Bond does drink to excess at times, but it is not glamorized.

This is a great Bond film for fans of old-school James Bond. "Skyfall" is a bit of a departure from “Casino Royale” and “Quantum of Solace,” but it flows very well from those two stories. There is a lot of action and some surprises that you may not see coming. Also look for the return of “Q” in this film, a nice update to an old character.

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