When you prepare to give birth — and everything has gone well as the due date approaches — you hardly expect things to take a tragic turn.

This happened to my sister and brother-in-law with the emergency birth of their first child. After his precarious start, the baby’s health was such that he soon had to be taken off the breathing tube keeping him alive. And, instead of bringing him home to sleep in his crib, he was laid to rest at the cemetery. Many tears were shed, and we continue to think of him often. This fall, he would have turned 22 years old.

One Herriman, Utah, mother has found a selfless way to pay tribute to these little angels like my nephew — babies who are stillborn or pass away in the Newborn Intensive Care Unit. This Sunday on "Mormon Times TV," you’ll find out how her “Teeny Tears” project is lifting the bereavement community and providing dignity for these micro-preemies.

Also on our Nov. 11 show, you’ll see how LDS Charities partnered with the U.S. Navy to benefit nearly 50,000 people in the Pacific region. Plus, we’ll take a look at how The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is coming to the aid of Syrian refugees who fled their country to escape civil war.

Meaningful service benefiting the international community doesn’t have to require foreign travel. There are many who help refugees and immigrants right here at home at the English Skills Learning Center. You’ll see how you can get involved.

Plus, Lauralee Christensen will be along to help us narrow our holiday focus. She has some great ideas for the holidays that turn away from the commercialization of Christmas and, instead, center our attention on the Savior. You’ll come away with new ideas for your family this holiday season.

And reporter Sam Penrod shows us a one-of-a-kind “super chapel.” You’ll see where it’s located and who needs a ward building that houses nearly 50 bishops’ offices!

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