Zone leaders Elder Sikuea, left, and Elder Maiu, right, teach at Paradise High School in Papua New Guinea.

Mormon moment: What will you remember about “This Mormon Moment”? wonders this blogger. She explains “Maybe what it has changed is my view of myself. Regardless of whether or not I tend to lean more Mitt Romney or more Harry Reid with my politics, having prominent Mormons in both parties and having countless articles written about what I believe has caused a shift in my thinking. I’m freer now. I can stop worrying that everyone who hears me say, 'I’m a Mormon' is going to think that I’m a member of a cult or repressed or whatever."

As various news articles show, "people still have a lot of questions but exactly NONE of them are about whether or not I have horns or if my husband has more than one wife. That’s nice.” And click in to see the funny story of how she accidentally lost control of her LDS ward's Primary last month when the president was mentioned.

School presentation: “Missionaries of the Papua New Guinea Mission were invited by the Paradise High School to talk to the year 11 students who are taking religious studies about the mission of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and the role of the missionaries serving in Papua New Guinea. Zone leaders Elder Sikuea and Elder Maiu, together with Senior Couple Missionaries Elder and Sister Tonumaipe'a, attended the school and presented a one-hour presentation to the teacher and students.” Wow. They ended up giving out copies of the Book of Mormon and pamphlets and talking about humanitarian aid and other missions of the church. Click in for the full report.

Conference printables: For visiting and home teaching, this can be one of the hardest months of the year — or one of the easiest — depending on how you feel about picking and choosing among the many general conference talks. For a little more help, here are some fun conference printables that you can download and share as part of your “November Visiting Teaching Message.” Enjoy.

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Science fiction: It was completely bizarre but delightful to see how popular science fiction character Dr. Who and the LDS Church collided one day in the 1960s, according to The Millenial Star. But collide they did. Some children got a scare by a Dalek probably saying its famous catchphrase “Exterminate!” as part of a Relief Society bazaar. And as one commenter wondered “What a great model! I wonder what happened to it? Wouldn’t it be a surprise to open up a church closet and find a dusty old Dalek?"

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