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Superstorm Sandy: The New York, New York South Mission updated their blog again explaining that all the missionaries are fine, but feel thwarted in the work as they try to get to where their service is needed but just can't get enough gasoline. Nevertheless, they explain "in the days and weeks and even months to come, we will be sending in all our manpower into these areas to help families remove water form their homes, repair damages and rebuild. Our work there has already started and our missionaries are wearing themselves out in service to their fellowmen and therefore to the Lord. Plus they include many photos of the missionaries working to clean up from the storm. Click in to see and to read the three things people can do to help.

Humanitarian helps: Speaking of help, with just a few clicks, you can virtually "Help Support the Mormon Relief Efforts on the East Coast" with this embeddable donation widget from LDS Philanthropies. I'm starting to see this widget shared and that means donations are beginning to pour in. Check it out or even better, upload to your social media site.

Political process: As the eve of Election Day, I found this family home evening suggestion to do "Political Research" as a family most timely. This blog links to resources in Utah, but I imagine you could find voter information for most states and then you could discuss the power of the political process in our country. Awesome.

Thanksgiving countdown: As another family home evening idea is to make "A Thanks and Giving Countdown" for family home evening using this blogger's template: "Print out the Thanks & Giving suggestions, cut them out, and place in a bowl or jar. To make it easier for little fingers to choose just one, roll each into a scroll with a ribbon. Every day choose an idea and read something you can be thankful for as well as a way to be of service to others. Some suggestions are merely to write a list. This is a type of service to yourself to remind you of all the wonderful blessings you have received." What a cute idea! Click in for all the instructions and the printables.

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