HOLLADAY — A West Valley City man was air-lifted off of Mount Olympus Saturday night after apparently spending a couple of days stuck on the mountain.

Unified Police couldn't confirm Saturday night how long Cole Taylor, 19, had been stuck on the mountain but said it appears that he had been there for two to three days. 

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"This is what he told the hikers that he was thirsty, that he needed water and needed to be rescued." Unified Police Lt. Steve Shreeve said.

Shreeve said that Taylor was far enough removed from the trail that perhaps the only reason he was found was because a young man who was hiking with his father wandered off the path far enough to hear Taylor calling for help.

"In that area if you get off the trail you end up getting cliffed out, nowhere to go up or down, so he was stranded there possibly for three days," Shreeve said. "He appears to be in good condition, a little ill, a little dehydrated."

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